Preventative Health Measures

People that implement preventative health measures are less likely to become ill. Parents are euphoric to implement preventative health measures when they discover that they will also keep medical problems to a minimum. Such measures might mean that children must wear shoes and socks when they are outside playing. Children are often discouraged from participating in athletic events because parents are implementing preventative health measures that will ensure that no bones will be broken during the school year.

Older adults incorporate preventative health measures every time they receive a flu shot. While colds can still be caught at any time, people are less likely to come down with the flu if immunization is received at the same time every year. Older adults feel that taking calcium supplements will be preventative health measures that ward off the effects of osteoporosis when they are older. Younger adults can prevent brittle bones at an early age if they take preventative health measures that are as simple as drinking a glass of milk each day.

Anyone of childbearing age can take preventative health steps to ensure that the rigors of parenthood do not arrive until they are ready. Boys and girls alike can institute preventative health measures that ward off teen pregnancy before it occurs. Girls can institute health measures by staying true to one resolve, and that is saying no when pressured for sex on dates or by anyone whose sexual expectations go too far. Boys can take preventative health measures by using condoms to prevent pregnancy from occurring, or they can remain committed to saving sex for marriage.

Regular immunizations will rule out certain childhood diseases, and other preventative health measures will ensure that no terminal diseases such as the AIDs virus are contracted during casual sex acts. People of all ages can use books as a preventative health measure too because minds will be occupied with things that matter. The information in the books might speak about the tragedies caused by illicit drug use or those that suffered and died from drug addictions. Parents will treasure books that contain photographs of those same people lying in a morgue because the pictures will prevent others from following the same course.

Parents try to use preventative health measures when their children are growing up, and the tendency to protect them will continue no matter how old they are. Parents will advise children of ways to lead a healthier and happier life. They will often reflect on mistakes they made in the past just so that the preventative measure will keep the child from making the same mistake twice. Preventative health measures to prevent tooth decay might require children to visit a dentist regularly and brush their teeth several times a day.

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