A Few Fish Oil Benefits That You Should Know About

When it comes to looking at fish oil benefits, it is easier to spot these merits by looking at the things you miss out on without fish oil. Unfortunately, with all the things you hear about fish oil, it seems like it is some kind of miracle cure for just about everything. And that really is not so far off the mark because it supplies something, without which your body cannot function properly.

Sadly, not all fish can provide the oil that you are looking for in your diet or supplement, because the fish must be oily and from deep cold waters. Fish in this category include cod, mackerel, salmon, and herring. Fish from deeper waters are generally better, since they usually contain less, or no, mercury.

The key component of fish oils, and also the main benefit, is that they are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are critical to the normal and proper functioning of our bodies, but we cannot make them on our own. That is why such acids must be acquired from either supplements or meals. Below are a few fish oil benefits which you need to know about.

Good Cardiovascular Health

The main reason your body needs fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids, is because it maintains your cardiovascular health. They help keep the plaque that causes strokes and heart attacks from forming in the arteries. Omega 3s have also been found to lower blood pressure.

Boosts Brain Functions

Another of these fish oil benefits is that the fatty acids boost the functioning of your brain, particularly in its behavioral and cognitive abilities. Omega 3 deficiencies have been indicated in many mental disorders such as schizophrenia and other illnesses, including Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Supplementation with fish oil, has shown improvement in adults and children suffering from ADHD and ADD.

Recommended for pregnancies

These oils also play a critical role in the development of the brain and nervous system, so it is very important that pregnant women have a proper amount in their diets for fetal development. Studies have also shown that pregnant women are less likely to deliver prematurely when taking fish oil supplements.

Helps Keep Cancer At Bay

Fish oil has also been found to help prevent cancer, specifically that of the breast, prostate and colon. Omega 3s accomplish this by keeping the normal cell from mutating into a cancerous one, stopping abnormal cell growth and killing off cancer cells.

It’s also a “Feel Good” Cocktail

One more benefit of fish oil is that it can promote the production of serotonin which, to put it simply, is the hormone that makes us feel good emotionally. It may also help to reduce levels of hormones that increase stress. So, between the two functions, the result is feeling calmer, less stressed and happier; all of which may benefit the immune system as well.

The list actually does go on. Hard as it may be to believe, there are even more fish oil benefits not covered here. Remember, the best fish oils come from deep sea fish, and do not contain fillers or preservatives.

Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are a unique kind of aerobics, one which involves all the same exercises but which happens in the water. This works both ways since it is more fun and a lot easier in many ways, but then it is also very complicated in others, since you have to go against the pull of the water. When doing water aerobics, the heart rate goes up, and the muscles do more work than they normally would. While the body gets more toned and the muscles get more strength, there is low to no impact on the joints. The only thing needed is a swimsuit. The workout is done in water that may be waist high, chest high or neck high. This will depend on if it is beginners or advanced and what the intensity of the workout is.

You can increase your heart rate. It will not be the same as when doing exercise on land. Your heart rate will be at a lower rate when working out in the water. You will most certainly burn calories. If you seek to lose weight, this is an ideal way. One hour of aerobics in chest deep water will burn 450 calories or more based on the intensity of the workout. Just one-half hour of running in water will burn 300 calories.

Exercising in water is not just walking and running. A full calisthenic routine can be done. Often part of the aerobic routine includes kicking, dancing, lunging, jumping and squatting. Since most classes are in chest high water knowing how to swim is not a requirement. Some of the more advanced classes will be done in deep water. A flotation belt is used to keep participants upright while exercising. Other devices used to float, are kickboards and water noodles. These also offer resistance.

Another benefit of doing water aerobics is that almost all the motion is done with resistance. Every jump, kick, walk and squat is done against the resistance of the water. This means all moves are strengthening the muscles. This is without weights, and in every direction you move. The range of motion is increased due to this, as well as balance and flexibility. There are what is called aqua blocks which are like water dumbbells. These offer even more resistance for your upper body.

Pregnant women will love the temporary relief the near weightlessness offers, while still getting a low impact workout. Those who have back aches will enjoy the buoyancy as well. They will be increasing the strength of the core and back muscles, which can lessen or relieve back pain.

Water aerobics is an alternative to the normal exercise routine. It can provide relief to the knees and joints of the avid runner. It improves the cardiovascular condition and strengthens all muscles used, including core muscles. It is a great fat burner, while keeping cool. Most of all it can be just plain fun, not the normal workout.

5 Excellent Benefits of Cardio Training

To keep yourself fit and in shape, there are two main types of training. The first is resistance training which involves weights, lifting, weight machines, etc. The second type of training is cardio training like walking, jogging, running, aerobics, cycling, and any exercise that doesn’t involve weights of any kind. This article will give you some benefits of cardio training.

1. One of the best benefits is the fact that you can do cardio training virtually anywhere. You aren’t tied to a gym or home gym with your weights, etc. You can take a nice brisk walk or jog anywhere. You can do cardio training anywhere at any time. It involves using the larger muscle group of your body which are your legs. Cardio will raise your heart rate significantly which carries more oxygen to your body through your blood.

2. By increasing your heart rate and the oxygenated blood flow, you give yourself more energy. Strength training will break down your muscles and tire you out. Cardio training will not tear down muscles but stretch them out and help them to get definition. You burn away fat but replace it with tissue where the fat used to be.

3. The increased blood flow will also help to prevent sickness and disease. The increased oxygen can help ward off the flu as well as a cold. It can help prevent diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and being overweight (which leads to many health problems), and it helps prevent high cholesterol. Just a brisk walk routine or a jogging routine is enough to help ward off such illnesses and diseases.

4. With the increased activity, elevated heart rate, and increased oxygenated blood flow, cardio training will also help control your weight and reduce the fat. You will burn calories with cardio workouts like a barn on fire. Because it involves the large muscle groups, you will burn fat much faster and be able to maintain it. By burning the fat and calories, you lose weight naturally and can keep it off forever.

5. Last, but not least, cardio is just a fun way to work out. You can be outside and enjoy the weather; it is easier to find workout partners or groups. A lot of people are not bodybuilders, but they do enjoy walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming, etc. Therefore it is easier to work out with friends and have fun, rather than looking forward to hard lifting in the gym with a bunch of strangers.

It is always good to, first, decide what you want to accomplish. Cardio will not build muscle but will make them more defined. It will help you lose weight and keep it off. Decide how much you want to lose. You might want to consult your doctor before starting a cardio training regimen. It is best to do this for a half hour to an hour or more a day. Three days minimum per week, but five is better to lose the weight faster. The more you do, the faster you get your desired results. Also, it is a good idea to have something to eat before working out. Do not stuff yourself, but a light snack or meal will keep you from possibly feeling faint. Good luck with your cardio training workouts, and stick to it. If you do lift and want to add cardio, do so after the lifting session and not before.

Grilled Tilapia Recipe

There are many benefits to eating fish: it can reduce your risk of heart attack, improve cognitive function, and increase life span. Adding fish to your diet can also ensure you get the nutritional requirements for omega-3 fatty acids, which are lacking from Western diets today. Of course, there are many different types of fish, each with its own specific health benefits. One fish that has been gaining popularity in recent years is tilapia. Tilapia is one of the healthier fish types, containing less fat than other fish like mackerel or tuna. As for the fats that it does contain, these are mostly the “healthy” fats like poly- and monounsaturated fats. It’s very easy to prepare and has a smooth texture and delicious flavor.

It goes without saying that grilled tilapia is going to be much healthier than breaded tilapia, so you should opt for this when browsing at the supermarket. The best thing about cooking up a grilled tilapia dish is that it’s very easy and not at all time-consuming to prepare – depending on what you add to the recipe, and how many fillets you’re cooking, this could take you less than 10 minutes, and most likely no more than 20 minutes. As for ingredients, you could consider adding some butter to make the fish even more tender and flakier, ensuring a truly delectable meal. Below, we’ll look at a great grilled tilapia recipe which should run at no more than around 200 calories per serving.

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