Here are important rules of healthy nutrition, which must be observed for optimal metabolism and proper digestion. Find more information on how to organize and keep proper nutrition here.

Using Vegetable Oil
Proper nutrition begins with the replacement of animal fats with useful vegetable oil. add olive oil in salad and all sorts of porridge, eat avocado and various nuts. However, give up rape oil and sunflowers.

Eat More seafoods like fish
Marine fish contains essential for healthy omega-3 fatty acid, while oyster and other seafood are rich in iodine.

Control Glycemics Index of Carbohydrate
The rate which carbohydrate in food is digested, and increase blood sugar level – glycemic index – affects both senses of feeling hunger that occurs after eating. The higher the index, The fa

ster the food is absorbed.

Eat More Vegetables
Contained in vegetables, fiber and cellulose affect functions of the intestine and reduce the sense of body to insulin positively.

Refuse Trans Fats
The use of even a small amount of trans fats (about 2% of total calorie intake) leads to the development of coronary heart disease and metabolic disorders, gradually leading to obesity.

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