Cardio Benefits

Here are a few benefits of performing cardio exercises.

Improves heart health

The top benefit of performing cardio workout is to improve conditions of the heart. Just like any other, the heart is a muscle, and it must be worked to become robust and healthy.

Improved Metabolism

Cardio exercises not only speeds up the rate of the heart but also increases the rate of metabolism. Yes, increased cardio session increases the metabolism thus an easier period maintaining the weight.

Hormonal Profile

Cardiovascular exercises bring in hormonal changes by releasing, feels good, a hormone that helps to ease symptom of fatigue and depressions.

Improves ability to recover
Adding lower or moderately paced cardio exercises to your workout plan reduce the recovery time and remove the by product that is created in the lifting process.

Mood Booster

Cardio endurance exercise improves the overall health and is an excellent way to get rid of depression, combat anxiety and stress.

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